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our story begins


Toad Party-176.jpg

Originally founded in 2012

as a remote Inn and Tavern in Lake Roberts, NM, surrounded by the Gila Wilderness, Little Toad derived its name from Sapillo Creek that ran along the property. We - the founders, Dave and Teresa - quickly found that the best part of this business was people coming from far and near to taste our brews.

We followed the excitement and our own passion to put all our focus into crafting beer and spirits. Coming down the mountain, so to speak,  we founded our current location in Silver City, NM, in December of 2013 and opened our second location in downtown Las Cruces in 2018.


In 2016 we restored the 1940s Silver City Liquor Co. warehouse to accommodate our new 15 BBL brewhouse and 300 gallon still. Now this state-of-the-art brewing and distilling operation is reviving a history-rich part of downtown Silver City along San Vicente Creek.   Come join us for a tasty beverage at Little Toad Creek Brewery & Distillery in Silver City or Las Cruces!

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