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Mixed Up Mule Watermelon Cam01 Simple Co
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Watermelon Jalapeño Mixed-Up Mule
10% ABV

The traditional Moscow Mule takes a detour into bold new territory.  Think ripe, juicy watermelon and the double-kick of ginger and jalapeño, plus tangy lime and sweet agave.  Crack a can enjoy the ride!

Gin & Grapefruit Mixed-Up Mule
10% ABV

Our perfectly balanced Gin Mule invites a burst of fresh grapefruit to the spicy ginger beer and gin party.  A light touch of sweet agave and fresh lime tie it all together for an exceptional ready-to-drink cocktail.

Mojito Mixed-Up Mule
10% ABV

The Mojito meets the Mule and surprise, surprise – they are instant friends!  With mint-infused rum, tangy lime, bold ginger beer sweetened only with agave nectar, what's not to love about this ready-to-drink rock star?

Classic Mixed-Up Mule
10% ABV

This ready-to-drink classic mule is for lovers of the pure and bold! Spicy ginger juice, fresh lime and lemon, just a touch of sweet agave nectar, and vodka – that's it! Simple, natural ingredients make this 10% ABV cocktail a well-balanced instant classic.

Classic Margarita
10% ABV

We amp up the “Class” in our Classic Margarita. Simple flavors of citrusy lime and lightly sweet agave nectar mix with our house-made, stand-out triple sec and agave spirits. Tastes like it was freshly made by your favorite bartender!

Mango Margarita
10% ABV! Your taste buds travel to the tropics with real mango added to this bright twist on our Classic Margarita. A delicious combination of our house-made triple sec with agave spirits, fresh lime juice, bold mango, and a touch of sweetness from agave nectar. You might have just discovered your new favorite ready-to-drink cocktail!

Silver Agave
40% Alc./Vol (80 Proof)

Small batch spirit made in southwest New Mexico from 100% Jalisco Blue Agave, craft distilled for a smooth and sippable tequila style.

Agave Reposado
40% Alc./Vol (80 Proof)

Small batch silver agave is aged on house-charged white oak for six months to enhance the mild smokey flavors of this polished southwest spirit.

Tres Marias Liqueur
35% Alc./Vol (70 Proof)

Smooth & flavorful for easy sipping or crafty cocktails. This rum-based liqueur is steeped with orange peel, whole cinnamon & clove. Crafted with care.

Cafe Nocturno Liqueur
35% Alc./Vol (70 Proof)

Wake up the senses with this smooth & complex rum-based liqueur made with small-batch espresso syrup steeped with whole cinnamon, cacao, vanilla bean, allspice, orange peel, & black pepper.

Sapo Grande Whiskey
45% Alc./Vol (90 Proof)

High-desert straight malt whiskey aged with care, smokey and dry.

Out of stock ... next release March 2022.

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