TeGila Silver Agave
40% Alc./Vol (80 Proof)

Made from 100% blue agave nectar and our Gila mountain water, this silver agave spirit has an earthy kick! (Named after the New Mexico Gila Widerness, the region in which this spirit was conceived.)

Silver Rum
40% Alc./Vol (80 Proof)

Meet the enchanted mountain spirits in this smooth molasses rum with a light buttery toffee tone.

Spiced Rum
40% Alc./Vol (80 Proof)

Our Silver Rum infused with cinammon, all-spice, pepper, and more!

Diablo Verde
40% Alc./Vol (80 Proof)

Roasted Hatch green chiles impart the smell of New Mexico harvest and a kick of spice to this naturally infused vodka.

35% Alc./Vol (70 Proof)

We brought the tropics to the mountains of the Gila to create this dreamy orange liqueur made with fresh orange zest, dried bitter orange peel and a hint of clove.

Toad Breath
35% Alc./Vol (70 Proof)

Freshen up with a breath of peppermint in this smooth and cool liqueur.

Toad Kauphy
35% Alc./Vol (70 Proof)

This smooth coffee liqueur wakes up the senses with orange peel, cacao, vanilla bean, and cinnamon in a home-brewed espresso syrup and rum base.

Sapo Grande Whiskey
45% Alc./Vol (90 Proof)

Don't let the bottle fool you. This single malt whiskey is smooth and heady. 



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