Hummingbird Festival

JULY 18th and 19th, 2015

The Hummingbird Festival is a unique opportunity to catch these beautiful birds in action at the height of the season.   The Festival will include guest speakers and live entertainment.  Full schedule of events coming soon!

Many species of migrating hummingbirds are expected to attend this year’s event.
The very best time for viewing hummingbird activities is very early in the morning prior to the heat of the day. Throughout the day hummingbirds will still be quite active and this is a good time to practice your newly learned hummingbird identification skills. If we are lucky and a rain storm moves through-or even near, hummingbirds, also known as the rain bird, will pick up in activity before and after the rain event. Early evening the hummingbirds will mass together mobbing the feeders again as they tank up for their overnight rest, to resume again early the following morning.
Many species of birds and mammals are abundant in the valley. The resent digs at the lake site at the west end of the lake are open to the public and the disturbed dirt will give your imagination an idea of life here along with the over look above the lake which has an informative short walk through an old village site. Come and enjoy your Gila Wilderness and the creatures that still to this day call this place home.


  2015 PROGRAM - free and open to the public

Saturday, July 18th
Hummingbird Banding from sunup to 10:00ish am*
10am-noon On-going Kids Program with Maria Casler
10:30 am Bill Talbot invites you into "The Lives of Hummingbirds"

12:30 -  live music with Glee Maiden, tavern
2pm – Birds of the Gila Region with Karen Beckenbach
4pm – Gila Wildlife Rescue with Dennis Miller

Sunday, July 19th:
Dawn until 9:30am – Hummingbird Banding with Bill Talbot and team, outdoors
10:30am – The Lives of Hummingbirds with Bill Talbot, conference room
1:30pm – Birds of the Gila Region with Karen Beckenbach, conference room
3pm – Birds and the Mimbres People, conference room

*A rare opportunity to see these little birds up-close and hear their hearts beat!
Hummingbird banding is weather permitting, safety of the birds is our first responsibility.




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